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Well, time for an update. Once I posted this site, Murat w Pardus all of a sudden started contacting me and wanted to send "some money" and needed my bank info. I coordinated him with bank and he sent $60.00. YES $60.00!!!!! Said it was a test to make sure it came thru ok. So when it did, I let him know and told him it was good for him to send my $40K the same way. NOTHING!!!!!!!! I contacted him and he said he didnt have it , just sent the test so he would be ready to send when he did get my money to pay me. Then he started whining that if I keep doing this that it would just hurt his business and he would never be able to make some money to pay me back!!!! So, took MY money, didnt produce any guns for me, spent my money on something other than my guns and now I have to wait for some other sucker to get ripped off so he can pay me!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!

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Well, time for an update. After first trying to threaten me before the Shot Show about my web site and my business cards, and after using my business cards at Shot Show that tell about what Pardus had

Pardus Shotguns Stole 40K From Me

Buyers Beware!!!! Pardus Shotguns in Turkey, took a $40k deposit on a container of shotguns in March 2019 after The IWA show in Germany. Delivery was suppose to be at my dock before the 4th of July f


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