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Pardus Shotguns Stole 40K From Me

Buyers Beware!!!! Pardus Shotguns in Turkey, took a $40k deposit on a container of shotguns in March 2019 after The IWA show in Germany. Delivery was suppose to be at my dock before the 4th of July for my 4th sale I have every year. Everything seemed fine at first, with Murat with Pardus Shotguns communicating, asking questions etc as though the order was proceeding. Then when the order should have been ready to ship it started. First, there was a small delay. Then it was he was delayed because an African Government had not paid for a big order and he was waiting for payment so he could pay to complete my order. THEN, he says if I can send another 40K then he could complete my order and for doing so he would pay the freight. That's when I knew he was a scammer!!!! Send more money and Ill do ETC, YEAH RIGHT!!!!! So, I asked him, so you are INSOLVENT and out of business??? NO NO, just needed more money. This goes on into the fall, finally I told him if order did not arrive on my dock by Nov 1st to refund my $40K. NO GUNS and NO MONEY, just excuses. This guy and company are just foreign crooks. Do NOT let a nice display at Shot Show or IWA in Germany fool you. Just fancy con men!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im just glad I went with a relatively small 20' container order to try him out or it could be much worse!!!!!!

I am going to update this blog regularly and see if I ever get any money back, and what if anything I hear from him, BUT dont fall for this company. As of today he has had my money almost 8 months and I have received nothing but excuses and BS!!!!!

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